Welcome parents and students to the "Who's done their homework?" page.
Each student has been allocated a private number
and this number has also been emailed to parents.
No-one else should know your private number, so keep it safe.
Very simply, all you need to do is click on the link below and then
check the table to see whether, or not, homework is up to date.
If you want to check what the homework is, just go back to the home page
and click on classwork and homework, then scroll down to the appropriate week.

Welcome to Term 2
This term's homework table has been improved to indicate specifically which tasks have been completed (and which one's have not). It's still a simple matter of checking to see if your (or your child's) allocated number is listed alongside each task. If your number is there - you have completed that task. If not - then you still need to complete that task.