Start (or) continue (or) finish reading Ransom

Complete the research questions from the following document:

Week 2
Summarise the story of Ransom in your own words - do not cut and paste!!
Compile a list of all the characters that shows the relationships between them and explains how they are important to the plot
The following link will take you to a Study Guide for Ransom. The second link has the instructions you need for some work to be completed using the Study Guide.

Email both of these to me by the end of week 2

Week 3
This week you will hand in your first "mini practice SAC". Everything you need to know is in the following links:

You will be allowed 2 double periods to complete this written task - it will need to be emailed to me at the end of Period 6 on Tuesday, 21/02/2012.

Also- this week we will be exploring the themes of: Identity, Change, Revenge, Chance and Fate, and Love in more detail. Clicking on the following links will take you to editable tables for the exploration of these themes. Please type your responses directly into the Tables. When completed, email them to me please. If you don't complete the Tables in class, complete for homework and email to me by the end of Friday, week 3.

Week 4
Classwork/homework for Thursday, March 1 - type responses directly into document and email to me when completed (by the end of week 4)

Week 5
Work for Tuesday, March 6th.
I'm on an excursion today so I've left a number of things that you need to do in preparation for your SAC on Thursday. First of all, you need to prepare your cheat sheet. The following document has lots of ideas about the kinds of information you should include and the rules for having a cheat sheet.

Next, you should review the Theme tables that you worked on in class and for homework. You might also like to re-read some parts of the novel to refresh your memories. It might help to make sure that you can spell all the names of the characters correctly - you can write them on your cheat sheet. Then, look over the powerpoint presentation that we went through in class - you'll find it in the section on Ransom on this wiki. There's also lots more information you could read under the Ransom section.
Don't waste your time - work hard!

Week 6
This week we begin work on persuasive language. We are going to endeavour to have the point of view (persuasive) oral assessment completed before the end of term 1. As most of you completed an oral assessment (point of view - persuasive) last year, we should only need to revise. Anyone who feels they need some extra assistance with this - please see me to organise. The first link is to the powerpoint presentation covered in class (in case you want to go over it again)

The second link is to the classwork/homework for this week. You need to complete the revision table for some of the most popular persuasive techniques. Complete the table and email to me by the end of the week.
Hint: You will find most of these techniques in your text book, but you might need to research some others.

Week 7
This week you should be working on your persuasive oral presentation SAC, which we are doing next week on Tuesday and Thurday during class times. If you have forgotten the order of presentation, click the following link:

Week 8
Please click the following link and complete the survey about our Wiki.
Thank you.