Welcome to term 2 - we are starting with "Writing in Context" -
Our context is Identity and Belonging.

Week 1
Tuesday April 17th
Your task today is to read through, and complete, the work found on the following link - email to me when finished. Do all the work directly onto the document please.
Here is the powerpoint presentation that we looked at in class today.
Here is the PP we looked at in class today

Here is the PP we looked at today

Thursday April 19th
Continuing on from Tuesday - today you are going to take a peek at the life and times of Carson McCullers. Remember, understanding something about the life of the author often helps you to better understand their writing.
Firstly, you need to complete a brief biography of her life (very brief - no cut and paste - put it into your own words). Email to me when finished.
Secondly, please complete the following exercise and email it to me when completed.

Week 2
Please complete all the classwork/homework to date (and email to me) and then go on with the following work about the characters in The Member of the Wedding:

Following is the work that you did with Miss Varsamakis: information about the themes in The Member of the Wedding and the The article from The Age.

Week 3
This week is a continuation of working on The Member of the Wedding and beginning to look at how to structure, and write, a Context essay. Following are the handouts given to the class on Tuesday, 1/5/12:

No-one completed this work so it needs to be handed in by Friday evening as homework.
Here are some quotes about Identity and Belonging that you might like:

Week 4
Unfortunately, not many of you completed the practice anecdotal essay (that was due last Friday - week 3) - perhaps you're still working on it and will hand it in asap??

Week 5
Here's a sample student essay written in expository style and incorporating both McCullers' The Member of the Wedding and the poetry of Bruce Dawe

This week you were asked to complete a second prac Context essay, based on Bruce Daew's poetry.

You were also given a "take home" prac SAC on Thursday - to be completed by Friday for marking and feedback - thank you to the small number of students who completed this task. There have been 3 opportunities to write a prac essay for this upcoming SAC and, once again, only a small number of students have taken this opportunity, which is very disappointing - thank you to those who have - well done.

Week 6
This week, on Thursday periods 5 & 6, is The Context SAC - based on the Poetry of Bruce Dawe and Carson McCullers' The Member of the Wedding.
Homework for this week is to study for the SAC.

Week 7
This week we have returned to Language Analysis for the written SAC, which will be next Thursday, June 7th. Following is a suggested structure for writing the analysis and also a proforma to show you exactly how it could be done. Of course, you don't have to follow the suggested structure if you are confident with your own style.